Protrac Software is an online system designed and developed to enables athletes, elite performers, teams and sporting organisations, to function at their optimum levels and to achieve on- and off-field success.

Identifying and retaining elite junior athletes, managing player health, welfare and fitness, creating and refining reportable training models, customisable calendaring, periodisation, single-source data repositories and discrete discussion areas are all essential elements in managing elite teams and players.

A single repository, with enterprise-wide contribution and data distribution, ensures that all essential recruit, player and team management is carried out with all available club input and all relevant data.

Enhancing professionalism and keeping decision makers informed, the Protrac system becomes the “one-stop-shop” for all information required by players, coaches and administrators…wherever they may be.


Designed to provide all enterprise-wide calendaring requirements.

Each user of the system has access to their own calendar meaning an unlimited number of calendars are able to be created.

Groups can also have their own calendars. For example have a club calendar for club-wide sport and commercial events and items, specific team and group calendars, coach’s calendars, training calendars etc.

  • Customisable labels
  • Access Control allowing people to populate calendars of others
  • Personalisation
  • Timezone support

Dashboard & Alerts

Customise what data is important to you and allow the system to alert you to key factors.

Interested in all new injuries? Interested in Scout Reports with a high rating? Use personal preferences to set thresholds for all data types within Protrac and in the background Protrac will take care of everything.


The Protrac Medical module is an access-controlled, single repository for all items associated with Player medical management.

Injury reporting, with medical documents, scans and images, supplement history and management, drug treatment and general treatment administration all assist in ensuring the health and availability of your elite athletes and is precisely managed and optimised within this module.

Protrac’s customisation features allows the medical department to modify the data captured and create entirely new data models for capture.


Talent identification is a fundamental requirement for future and ongoing on- and off- field success for a sporting organisation.

The Protrac Recruitment module is an access-controlled, single repository for all items associated with talent identification and player recruitment.

Customisable prospective Player Profiles and Scout Reports allow for the initial identification of recruitment data requirements, and the efficient collation and reporting of this essential data.

Online access provides the ability to remotely deposit and access recruiting information…even whilst at the match.


The Protrac Training module is an access-controlled, training management system.

  • Create your own exercise library.
  • Schedule training sessions
  • Group exercises and individuals and plan rotations
  • Assign staff to exercises
  • Tag training sessions as team sessions to help generate participation reports.
  • Anticipate load on a player.
  • Customisable data allows for additional fields to be added i.e. equipment required, weather conditions etc.

Data Capture

The Protrac Data Capture module is a central place for you to capture all data relating to an athlete.

Going to the core of Protrac the data in this module is fully customisable.

  • Create any data model you would like to capture using the range of data fields at your disposal.
  • Manage the access to each model via permissions.
  • Customise what is required data entry and what is not.
  • Add calculation fields to calculate data based on existing fields to be automatically carried out on entry.
  • Track season best and personal best. Tell Protrac what’s is important i.e. is it better to take more time or less time.
  • Rank athletes in a session.


The Protrac Analysis module allows the user to take data entered into the system and turn it into information.

This is achieved by allowing data to be combined to illustrate relationships and providing rich graphs to allow for visual representation of data.

  • Compare data across athletes.
  • Use periodisation and events to group data in a contextual sense.
  • Annotate reports.
  • Export reports.


The Protrac events module allow for all athlete events to be managed such as matches, competitions, training session etc.

Couple this with the ability to add capture events it allows the system to drive the capture of data. For example, schedule an athlete to report wellness every morning or self report on performance after a competition.

The periodisation view allows users with access to the module the ability to view all events over a period of time scheduled for an athlete.

Further to this Protrac’s customisation features allows events to be customised to capture the data important to an organisation.

Athlete & Group Maintenance

Create and manage distinct Groups within the Protrac Groups module.

Multiple Teams, Coaches, Player and Coach sub-groups, and any groups of Players, Coaches, Medical, Recruitment and Administration staff can be created and managed within this module.


The Protrac Discussions module allows for organisation-wide discussion areas, with the ability to add files to discussion comments.

Access to these discussions is controlled via an invitation system.

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