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Setting up the models you want to capture in Protrac is a time consuming task. One of the more time consuming tasks is entering the various options when you have a select field. Some of the options in these fields can range from two options or into the thousands (think drugs, injury codes etc.) and entering these in manually could soak up a lot of time and crush your will to live.

Unfortunately, we at Protrac can’t do all this data entry for you, as much as we love data.

What we can do, is make your options a lot easier to get into Protrac.

As of the latest release you can now do this in the quickest way we can currently formulate. Option importing!

Now in Protrac you can download an import template from your Actions dropdown menu when viewing the options of your chosen field.

Option Import Template Dropdown

You will then see a modal with two options. You can either download the template in Excel format (xls) or CSV format. Either format will allow you to open them in your favourite spreadsheet software.

Option Import Download Template Modal


Fill in all the options you have for that field and then import those options straight back into Protrac.

Option Import Dropdown

Option Import Form

We think this is fairly simple and easy to do.

Which fields does this apply to?

This functionality works with the following data types:

  • Select option
  • Integer from list
  • Decimal from list, and
  • Text from list

Make sure you download the template related to the specific field to ensure you are importing with the correct fields.

While not an earth shattering feature we hope it helps take some of the pain away from setting up and maintaining your instance of Protrac.

That’s what we at Protrac strive to give to you: useful tools to help you accomplish your tasks, while maximising time and money.

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