New Feature: Know who’s coming to your meeting with Protrac’s RSVP functionality

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We’ve had many requests for RSVP functionality in our popular calendar module.

After a many months of blood, sweat and tears our RSVP functionality is ready for it’s debut.

You can now request an RSVP when inviting people to a calendar event you have entered into Protrac.

When doing so the invited person is emailed their invitation along with a link directly in the email to either respond yes or no.

RSVP Email

These links can be clicked and the response recorded without the need to login to Protrac.

In the case where the invitee responds no they are prompted for a reason.

If you haven’t received the email you can reply to the invite from within the system when viewing the event (as below).

RSVP in app

You can also easily view what the responses are at anytime. Again when viewing the event you can simply scroll down and see the invite list.

RSVP list

It’s pretty simple but we hope it gives our customers the super powers they need to get that pesky event scheduled.

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