With Protrac it is easy to communicate, schedule and manage your athletes.
Easily share data, documents, vision and discussions.
Enable your staff to operate efficiently.

Manage everything from one place

Protrac supports the evident trend that every aspect of a sporting organisation must be at its peak to achieve ultimate success.

It is a centralised team and athlete management system that stores, tracks, analyses and allows sharing of vital data and outcomes.

Offering editable control of training, recruiting, medical, communication and welfare management. Protrac connects the hundreds of hours, and thousands of decisions that culminate in the vital seconds or points when everyone is watching.

Protrac collects and manages data across athlete performance, fitness, nutrition, medical, strength and conditioning, recruitment and welfare as well as handling general administration such as calendaring and event management, secure discussions and full player and group data management.

Protrac is designed for use across the organisation supporting coaching staff, trainers and recruiters, doctors and players offering common language, understanding and all-encompassing output of information that drives performance based outcomes.

Features of Protrac


Protrac has the ability to customise deeply ingrained in it’s architecture. This provides the flexibility to create endless possibilities around the data you capture and what you do with it.

Mobile ready

Protrac is compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets and is designed to work with touchscreen interfaces.

Cross platform

Protrac works on any browser that supports HTML5. This means it will work on any modern browser across any platform.

24/7 access

Because all Protrac data is stored in the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.


Protrac implements industry standard security with end-to-end encryption. Multiple levels of front-end security help prevent session hijacking and form spoofing to ensure your data is safe.

Video transcoding

Protrac has video encoding built in. Upload any video format (99% of codecs supported) and Protrac will take care of the rest.

Custom calculations

Create your own calculations from scratch. Use any of your customised fields to build the formula and have Protrac do the calculations for you when you data is input.

Disaster recovery

Your data is backed up daily as part of our disaster recovery solutions. If something catastrophic occurred we can be back up and running within hours.

Proven Results

Developed in conjunction with the Sydney Swans Football Club and has been used as their primary team and athlete management system since 2008.

Co-achieved Grand Final success with the Sydney Swans in 2012; critically driving athlete injury management resulting in the lowest lost games in the competition over the period.

Over 6000 hours of testing and development has already been invested in this system with continuing full time development and training support programs.

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Protrac Modules


Provides organisation-wide calendaring and scheduling requirements – with unlimited calendars for Players, Staff, Coaches, Club, or for any group or purpose.

Dashboard & Alerts

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of any current and user-relevant Protrac data – Calendar, Discussions, Events and Notifications – with alerts based on user requirements.


Complete medical, injury, treatment and rehabilitation management and reporting – with all associated documents, scans & images, medical history and discussions.


Fully customisable Recruit Profiles, Scout Reports and any information collection requirements for optimising recruitment processes, and for essential recruitment data management.


Create training sessions with details, drills and exercises, and assign players, groups, coaches, staff and resources. Manage drills and exercises, with notes and video, in the Exercise Library.

Data Capture

Provides for any data collection and information management requirements – with unlimited, fully customisable data models.

Reporting & Analysis

Use data added to Protrac modules to create reports and perform initial data analysis. Reporting offers options for raw data display, as well as graphical representation of distinct and relational information.


Provides complete management for all athlete and player events, such as training, matches, competitions and other commitments. Use in conjunction with athlete data input and self-reporting to enhance information accuracy and relevance.


Allows for the creation of organisation-wide discussion forums with individuals and groups invited to participate. Also provides the ability to share and discuss any file, including video.

Athlete & Group Maintenance

Provides for the creation and management of unlimited organisational groups and sub-groups, such as multiple teams and team sub-groups, and required groups of players, coaches and staff.


Create a customised system with unlimited data models, and create and manage Protrac users with individualised data access and input settings.

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